Former USC quarterback and current signal caller of the Cincinnati Bengals Carson Palmer is doing his best to provide bulletin board material for the upcoming Ohio State-USC game. When asked about Buckeyes, Palmer stated:

I cannot stand the Buckeyes.

and added:

It’s amazing to hear what those guys think about that university and what they think about that football program and Tressel and all the crap I gotta put up with being back there.

and threw more fuel on the fire by saying:

I’m really getting sick of it and I just can’t wait for this game to get here so they can come out to the Coliseum and experience LA and get an old-fashioned Pac-10 butt-whoopin’ and go back to the Big Ten.

The Buckeyes travel to USC on September 13th and the game will probably be one of the most hyped college football games of the year. Do you think, like me, that the Buckeyes will go into the LA Coliseum and show that the PAC 10 who is boss or you in agreement with Palmer and think that USC will wipe out the Buckeyes in SoCal?


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