Since 1930, The Cleveland Botanical Garden has been one of the preeminent destinations in the city. Every year over 150,000 people visit the gardens to see all of the many exhibits at the Gardens, the Glasshouse, The Hershey Children’s Garden and the Guren Art Gallery. There is a wide variety of programming throughout the year for each venue that attracts a diverse demographic. If you want a temporary escape from the daily urban shuffle, The Cleveland Botanical Garden definitely is a beautiful distraction. In addition to seeing the many displays, thousands come to The Botanical Garden for weddings, receptions, and special events.

The Eleanor Armstrong Smith Glasshouse The Glasshouse is a visual smorgasbord of botanical excellence. They have two distict themes for visitors. One is the rainforest of Costa Rica and the other is the spiny desert of Madagascar. The extreme differences of these seperate locations offer a dizzying display of plant life. In additon to showcasing over 300 tropical plants, the Glasshouse has a medley of reptiles, birds, amphibians and butterflies in authentic exhibits. Daily butterly releases and chamelion feedings are among the numerous activities that add to the fun of visiting the Glasshouse.

A computer controlled climate system helps maintain the envirnoment that utilizes a fog system that requires purified water. The Eleanor Armstrong Smith Glasshouse is a valued addition to the Botancial Garden that has delighted thousands since its opening in 2003. The Hershey Children’s Garden If you are having problems dislodging your little ones from the TV, tablet, cellphone and gaming devices, the Hershey Children’s Garden will help connect them to nature in many ways. Opened in 1999, the Children’s Garden was the first of its kind in Ohio and continues to be a model for children’s gardens the world over. In addition having a pond, prairie and woodland displays, there are live fish, frogs and a beehive for your children to discover up close. The Children’s Garden have a list of planned activities that occur every week.


Making mudpies, storytime in the treehouse, creating leaf-based art projects are a few of the things you can can engage your child in. Guren Art Gallery, Garden Store and Garden Cafe The Guren Art Gallery has showcased paintings, sculptures, photography and other media for many years from local and national artists. The gardens have provided inspiration for a lot of the pieces in the gallery. The Garden Store is one of the area’s select shops for garden enthusiasts. If you are looking for an awesome gift for the gardener in your life or a memento for your visist, The Garden Store has you covered.

The Garden Cafe has an eclectic menu that is designed to please your palate. The Cafe takes pride in its partnership with Bon Apetit that helps them operate in a sociallyresponsible manner and acquires its food from local farmers. The Gardens The Cleveland Botanical Gardens has 11 display gardens. Some of the notable ones include the Japanese Garden and The Katherine Philipp Geis Garden. The Japanese Garden was a gift from Ikebana International, Chapter 20 in 1975 and is a favorite for wedding parties. The Katherine Philipp Geis Garden is located on the Terrace. This exibit is one of the most iconic summertime hang outs where the Gourmets in the Garden cooking series is held. The Cleveland Botanical Gardens with its breath-taking exhibits, display gardens and events for the whole family has been a Cleveland staple for generations. Supported by major donors and fans, the Botanical Gardens is one of Cleveland’s jewels.


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