Cleveland Cyclewerks

Cleveland Cyclewerks (CCW) is a worldwide manufacturer, designer and developer of motorcycles, dirtbikes, scooters, side-by sides and four wheelers. CCW also manufactures motorcycle parts and develops bikes for other companies across the globe. In addition, CCW is comprised of the Cleveland Speed Shop and Cleveland Motorcycles. Started in 2009 by Scott Colosimo, Jarrod Streng and Curtis Ray, CCW has grown into a global player with distribution in 23 countries.

The Bikes, Dealers and Parts CCW has classic bike models and modern bike models for sale. They also have custom bikes for sale. Some of the classic models are the Ace, The Misfit and the Heist. The Ace has four submodels which are the Standard, Deluxe, Cafe’ and the Scrambler. The Misfit and The Heist have one model right now, the Heist/Iron I and the Misfit Gen II. All of these motorcycles are inspired by some of the most iconic motorcycles ever made. CCW’s modern bikes are the Fxx/ FXR and the Hooligan. These are both dirtbikes. CCW can make you a custom motorcycle. Over the years, CCW has won many awards for its custom work. CCW works with independent dealers to sell their bikes.

By being meticulous in selecting its dealers, Cleveland Cyclewerks has grown into an international company doing business on 5 continents. The best part? Many of CCW’s bikes cost less than $4000 new! Commitment to Quality in Design, Development Manufacturing and Testing CCW prides itself on its focus on Quality in all facets of its business. In terms of design, their prototypes are created in ProE and hand-fabricated. Their bikes are tested thoroughly. From computer simulated tests to numerous road tests. Many of their test bikes rack up hundreds of thousands of miles annually. In addition, all of their components are put through rigorous exams for durability.

Cleveland Cyclewerks has partnered with manufacturers across the planet to ensure that their components meet and exceed ISO standards. Many of its manufacturing partners have 60 plus years experience and their quality standards are in line with legendary motorcycle brands like Ducati. Many of their manufacturers are foreign due to numerous rejections from American parts companies and government seed money sources.


However, after many years, CCW has a factory in Cleveland. Cleveland Speed Shop and Cleveland Motorcycle Cleveland Speed Shop sells aftermarket parts and accessories for CCW, British, Japanese, European and American motorcycles. Cleveland Motorcycle sells CCW motorcycles and Kuberg electric dirtbikes. In addition, they have many used and classic Asian and European motorcycles for sale. Cleveland Motorcycle also makes custom bikes, rebuilds, services and repair British and Japanese motorcycles. Moreover, they sell jackets, shirts, boots, gloves and other ancillary products for bikers. Summary CCW is a fast growing company located on Cleveland’s west side. Over the last few years, CCW has received rave reviews worldwide for its bikes in terms of quality and affordability. With increasing sales in Asia along with increased demand from female riders, CCW is currently looking for more domestic investors to grow the brand. Not too bad for a kid from Parma!


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