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Finding the ideal golf bag is never the easiest thing to accomplish, but if you want to have a great day out on the links, it’s worth it to take time to look at some of the many options available to you today. Instead of pouring through hundreds of different golf bags, trust the company you know you can count on.

Cleveland makes some of today’s top of the line golf bags for golfers of all types. Whether you’re a pro, novice, or even an amateur, these bags are definitely designed with you in mind. They have three different types called the staff bag, stand bag, and cart bag in various different shades and colors. We will discuss the various types of golf bags offered by Cleveland in detail below, and you can determine which one sounds best based on our thorough descriptions.

Now, you have the ability to search far and wide for golf bags if that’s what you desire. Or, you can take advantage of the legwork we’ve done for you and look at these Cleveland golf bags instead, because they are of the highest quality, professionally made, and definitely worth every affordable penny. So check out our reviews below and decide which Cleveland Golf Bag best meets your needs.

The Cleveland Cart Bag

photo of the cleveland golf cart bagIf you’re looking for a classy tour bag, then look no further than the Cleveland cart bag. This bag has a wide range of remarkable features that will make it easy for you to have a relaxing day of golf with your friends, coworkers, or your significant other. The reason this bag is so popular is because it’s attractive, it’s functional, and it has three amazing color combinations including black/blue/white; black/charcoal/white; and charcoal/red/white. So if any of those wonderful color combinations resonate with you, you’re in luck because they are readily available to pick up at your favorite retailer or you can buy it directly from the website online.

What else makes the Cleveland cart bag so special? For starters, we are very fond of this bag because it’s a tour bag with many remarkable storage features. It has a 14 way top which gives you the ability to store your clubs however you desire, plus there are golf club dividers that provide more protection and make it simple to pull your clubs in and out of the bag.

Next, this bag is very popular because of his ergonomic handle. The handle is so well-designed that it’s very easy to get a great grip on the bag and maneuverability has never been simpler. So you’ll have no trouble pulling this bag in and out of your trunk, the golf cart, or anywhere else you may happen to store it while not playing golf.

Let’s not forget about the bottom of the bag. They designed the bottom of this bag so that it is built very tough, which means it could withstand a beating and you don’t have to worry about it ripping, fraying, or ultimately falling apart. They molded this bag with strong material, plus it’s so well-designed that it very easily fits into pull carts or motorized carts very securely, so you don’t have to worry about it constantly falling down or losing it shape.

Other things to love about this bag are the four available accessory pockets that people never seem to get enough of. These pockets are perfect to hold your gloves, tees, balls, or anything else you may have to put in there while out on the links. Do you want somewhere convenient to store your glasses? Put them in one of the accessory pockets. Looking for a great place to put your wallet? You can also put that in an accessory pocket as well while golfing and it will not be in your way.

All in all, this is an excellent golf bag that you seriously try when looking for an excellent cart bag option. We highly recommend it and feel you’ll love the benefits it’s offering today.

The Cleveland Stand Bag

The Cleveland stand bag is perfect for anyone looking for a comfortable yet stylish standing option. It has a six way top, and full-length club dividers, which makes it very easy to remove and replace your clubs while keeping them thoroughly protected.

Next, you’ll also appreciate the ergonomic handle they’ve developed for this particular bag. Maneuverability is very important when handling a golf bag, and you don’t want to have to worry about constantly losing your grip or having a difficult time moving it in and out of the trunk of your car or your golf cart. So the handle developed for this golf bag is definitely going to be impressive to those who take maneuverability seriously.

Last but certainly not least; this bag also has four accessory pockets. Without going into any of the details, just know that you could store a wide range of items in these pockets and they’ll be safe and secure while you’re enjoying a fine afternoon of golf.

The Cleveland Staff Bag

photo of the cleveland golf staff bagCleveland also makes an amazing staff bag that seems to be a big hit with golfers far and wide. The most common thing everyone loves about this bag is its style, sharp looks, and the ability to gain easy access to the essentials of your golf game like clubs, balls, tees, gloves and more.

It has a five way top, full-length club dividers, two point shoulder strap, U-shaped zipper, oversized towel ring, external umbrella system, and much more. If you’re looking for a low-cost, high quality golf bag, don’t waste your time shopping around at expensive websites that charge an arm and a leg. You can get this bag for $139 on Cleveland’s website, direct from the manufacturer, so it’s definitely worth it to take advantage of this amazing deal.


As you can see, there are some excellent Cleveland Golf Bags currently available for golfers of all persuasions. Take a look at these bags closely, pay attention to the colors, and then order these low-cost and affordable choices from Cleveland directly on their website.

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Christian is the chief reporter, editor, and webmaster at Cleveland Leader. An aspiring news anchor, his hobbies outside of investigative reporting are golf, martinis, and adventure travel. If you have a scoop on any developing story, please contact him on this page.

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