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Since 1920 The Cleveland Institute of Music (CIM) has been one of the most prestigious music conservatories anywhere.  CIM has been known to nurture future musicians that work in some of the world’s most recognized operas, orchestras, schools and CIM continues to prepare artists to have successful careers.  With other 300 concerts given each year with most of them being free and open to the public, CIM is a fixture in the community.


The Cleveland Institute of Music was founded in 1920 by a group of visionaries who each contributed $1,000 in hopes of establishing a place where all types of students can have the finest music education.  Like many organizations dedicated to the promotion of the arts in Cleveland, inclusion was and remains a key value.  Led by Ernest Bloch and Martha Bell, CIM quickly outgrew its first location and moved to a new location on 2827 Euclid Ave.  In 1954 CIM moved to its present location and had a Golden Age under the leadership os Ward Davenny.  When Victor Babin took over, CIM experienced another expansion which was highlighted by the acquisition of 20 new Steinway Grand Pianos.

Under David Cerone’s leadership, CIM continued to grow.  One of Cerone’s crowning achievements was CIM’s  successful $40 Million Dollar Campaign, which was launched to help CIM make much-needed expansion of its facilities.  This victory was capped off with the opening of the new Recital Wing that housed the new Lennon Education Building, Mixon Hall, The Robert and Jean Conrad Control Room along with an audio recording studio and the Robinson Music Library.

Academic Programs and Alumni

The Cleveland Institute of Music has an excellent offering of academic programs for aspiring artists.  CIM Has many programs for artists that want to have a career in professional orchestras playing instruments such as the Piano, Harp, Violin, Viola, Flute, Guitar, Orchestra Conducting and others.  You can also study audio recording, music theory and partake in CIM’s Suzuki Pedagogy Program.

Many students opt to pursue double majors in collaboration with Case Western Reserve Univesity.  Some of the double majors include Double Major in Composition, Music Theory and Eurhythmics.  In addition to undergraduate, many students also acquire graduate degrees at CIM. Due to its worldwide legacy of high achievement, CIM has a significant international student population with almost 30% of its students being from other countries.  Many CIM graduates are members of the Cleveland Orchestra.

Women’s Committee

CIM’s Women’s Committee has been an integral part of CIM’s leadership and support.  For over 70 years, the Women’s Committee has been a boon of fiscal help, emotional reinforcement and overall guidance for students, faculty and CIM as a whole.  Through its many events held throughout the year, The Women’s Committee helps raise money for students to attend school, travel to perform and audition for prospective students. A short list of events includes the Music Luncheon Series, Student Audition Luncheons, The Jean Wiant Thanksgiving  Dinner and the Women’s Committee Benefit which has drawn major artists such as Roberta Flack and Bobby McFerrin.


The Cleveland Institute of Music continues to be one of the premier schools for artists and musicians in the nation.  Its many programs for the community and its students have helped shape and mold the careers of thousands of world-class talents and helps add value to the city of Cleveland’s academic and cultural community.


Cleveland Instituite of Music
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