The Cleveland Museum of Art(CMA) has been one of the city’s most celebrated instituitions with an international reputation of excellence. Last year The CMA had its 100th anniversary. With some of the best exhibitions in the nation that includes 16 different collections of art,The ARTLENS Gallery as well as numerous special events, lectures, films and musical performances The CMA is a Cleveland favorite. There are many educational programmimg for students offered by the CMA which is one of the reasons it is one of the most frequented field trip destinations for local school children. “For the Benefit of All The People Forever” is not only the Museum’s motto, it is a way of life for the CMA.

Over the last few years, the CMA has underwent several renovations and impovements to enhance its timeless charm. Current Exhibitions Right now there are 9 exhibitions at the CMA right now. Throughout the year the CMA has a plethora of displays that touch on various subjects, geographic regions and time periods. For example, Fischli and Weiss: Busi(Kitty) and Hunde(Dogs) takes a look at dogs and cats in their everyday life. From Rags to Riches: American Photography in The Depression is a collection of photos from the 1930s of Americans living during one of the defining periods of American History. Beyond Angkor: Cambodian Sculpture from Banteay Chhmar showcases a portion of the enclosure wall of the great royal temple of Banteay Chhmar, which is on loan from the National Museum of Cambodia. Gods and Heroes: Ancient Legends in Renaissance Art celebrates the art of Renaissance Era artists.

The exhibitions rotate periodically so that visitors can see new works. Special Events and The Community Mural Project The CMA has outstanding programming year-round. In addition to the exhibitions, The CMA is committed to making sure that its events are as diverse, thought-provoking and entertaining as possible. Many of the events are seasonal like the Winter Lights Lantern Festival/Holiday Circlefest that happens every December, Parade the Circle that is held in June and the Chalk Festival in September. The Community Mural project successfully brought professional artists together with neighborhood residents to complete 8 large scale murals, most of which that are currently on display in the following Cleveland neighborhoods: East Cleveland, Hough, Glenville and Fairfax. ARTLENS Gallery Formerly Gallery ONE, The ARTLENS Gallery is a unique experience that places you inside of the CMA’s collection of art with the help of modern technology.


You can create your own artwork in the studio, interact with the actual pieces of art, take pictures and save them during your virtual tour. Since its original inception, the ARTLENS Gallery has won awards, increased CMA attendance substantially and has been a case study for many museums across the nation. Summary The CMA through its many programs, exhibitions, galleries and events has successfully remained one of the illustrious museums in the nation and one of the marquee stops for tourists and lifelong Cleveland residents. Free to the public, you would be hard-pressed to find a better value than the CMA.


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