Cleveland Ohio Skyline

Cleveland has one of the nation’s most distinctive skylines. Many of its tallest buildings are some of the tallest in the country with some being the largest or 2nd largest when they were first erected. Overall, Cleveland has over 140 buildings over 250ft high. In this short article, we will take a look at some of the city’s tallest buildings that make Cleveland’s skyline one of a kind and touch on several proposed skyscrapers that are fueling Cleveland’s ongoing comeback.

The Society of Savings Building is reported to be Cleveland’s first skyscraper as well as the State of Ohio. Built in 1889 and standing at 156 ft, it remained the largest in the city until the construction of Guardian Bank Building in 1896. The Terminal Tower was the 4th largest building on earth when it was built in 1930. Standing at 771 ft, it was the 2nd largest building in America until 1964 and is still the 2nd tallest building in Cleveland.

The Key Tower is currently the tallest building in the city. Currently the 24th largest building in the United States, the Key Tower is the 2nd largest building in the Midwest standing at 947 ft. Another notable tall building is the Carl B. Stokes Federal Courthouse Building. Named after the first black mayor of Cleveland, The Stokes building is the largest Federal building in Ohio at 430 ft. Cleveland has many new skyscrapers under construction and/or approved.

The One University Circle Building is currently under construction and will be completed in 2018. Once completed, this building will stand at 235 ft. The Beacon is another building under construction. It will be completed in 2019 and will be 338 ft. The nuCleus Building has been approved for construction and is set to be done in 2018. It will stand at 650 ft which will make it the 3rd largest in the city. There are many more buildings that have been approved and/or proposed. The skyline and future of Cleveland is very promising. I along with many Clevelanders are anxious to see it unfold.


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