A new study on coffee consumption found that you can live longer with up to 4 cups per day. The study followed a large number of participants up to 20.000 people over a large period of time. Researchers went back to the participants after 10 years to assess the results.

Polyphenols and heart health

Polyphenols are found in regular coffee and can be considered for its benefits on the health of your heart. Thus, coffee is largely related to health parameters which regard the circulatory system. The study even recommends 4 cups of coffee per day and it does not set an upper limit.

This is where you would actually have to know about the drawbacks or coffee. One of the most important characteristics to remember with 4 cups per day is to drink plenty of water and to ensure a good source of Vitamin D to your body as coffee can act against the absorption of the vitamin. You will also need to control the water intake and to increase it according to your cups of coffee each day. You should exceed the recommended daily water intake if you are drinking 4 cups per day.

The exact link between a longer life and coffee consumption remains a mystery even for scientists. The particularities of the study may have also pushed for these results. The participants in the study live in a Mediterranean climate which has long summers and mild winters. The food sources in this area are also quite diverse and fresh with plenty of fruits and fish.

This is why it is important to assess these basic elements in your life before having false expectations of a long and healthy life based on coffee consumption. Sure, coffee can help, but at the same time you need to have the solid foundation of healthy nutrition, an active lifestyle and proper rest all play an important role in the duration of your life. Reduced stress level might also be one of the main characteristics which influence the duration of your health, even the health of your circulatory system.

Coffee has many health benefits and it may be down to certain cultures to estimate the daily intake. If you don`t drink coffee at all, it may not be a good idea to start drinking four cups per day. However, if you drink a few cups per day you may be already used to the increased consumption and you can try getting at the recommended level of 4 cups.

But if you plan to do this in the long term, you will need to take a more scientific approach and monitor your health indicators. You can check the composition and health of your body by regular doctor assessments. Some of these may not be conclusive to coffee intake and this is why you will need to use the right quantities to your situation. Although research suggests you should drink between 2 and 4 cups per day, you can start by having a solid diet and then complete it with coffee intake.




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