The Cleveland Aquarium is one of the area’s most notable educational and cultural enclaves. With eight galleries and over 50 exhibits, The Cleveland Aquarium takes you all over the world without you calling your travel agent. The Cleveland Aquarium has numerous youth activities in place to expose children to aquatic wildlife thought school field trips, summer camps, homeschool solutions and introduction to aquarium-based careers. There are many resources for educators too.

The Aquarium has many interactive programs and special events. Many residents plan social outings with The Aquarium such as birthday parties and other private gatherings. Galleries The Greater Cleveland Aquarium’s galleries is considered by many to be an aquatic passport due to the fact that each gallery recreates marine environments from across the globe. Ohio’s Lakes and Rivers takes visitors on a lourney through Ohio’s lakes and rivers ecosystem by displaying numerous fish and other widlife native to Ohio.

The Lakes and Rivers of the World Gallery has aquatic creatures on display from South America, Africa, Asis and Australia. In addition, the Africa exhibit features African Tortoises from Noah’s Lost Ark (NLA) that were rescued from abusive and negligent owners. The Discovery Zone is dedicated to show the effects that pollution has on the environment, particularly on the world’s oceans, lakes and rivers. In addition, the Discovery Zone showcases the moon jellyfish exhibit that is a visual delight as it it located in the Powerhouse’s original smokestacks. The Indo-Pacific Gallery features fish from The Red Sea, Hawaii, Fiji, Indonesia and Eastern Asia.


The poisonous lionfish exhibit is one of the more popular displays in the gallery. The Northern Pacific Gallery is where you can see many coldwater fish and marine animals native to the North Pacific Ocean like the Giant Pacific Octopus, California sea cucumbers and longhorn decorator crabs. The Coastal Gallery is one of the most beloved of all of the galleries. In addition to presenting coral exhibits that has colorful fish and coral, this gallery has a 11,000 gallon Touch Pool where visitors can touch the “smiling stingrays.” The Tropical Reef Gallery has a large array of tropical fish species for your viewing pleasure.

The Shark Seatube is an optical extravagance. Encased in a 230,000 gallon take are 4 species of sharks along with a surplus of aquatic life such as groupers, stingrays, eels and more as you walk through this 175 ft long gallery of liquid gold. The Exploration Station is set up as a research ship where children can learn about aquatic life, do many hands-on activities and have many Jacque Custeau moments.

All of the galleries have daily activities scheduled. Many of these programs allow you to feed the fish and have personal encounters. Interactive Programming The Greater Cleveland Aquarium has many interactive programs you can partake in. The Aquarist for a Day Program allows you to spend time side by side with Aquarium personnel as they complete daily tasks such as animal feeding, food prep, water testing and exhibit maintenance. You will need to make reservations to participate. The Very Important Guest (VIG) Tour is a behind the sences tour and a gallery tour that is available on the walk-up basis only. You and up to 6 guests will have an assigned tour guide show you the interworkings of the Aquarium. You will also be able to see exhibits and have insights on the Aquarium not available to the general public. The Fish Feeding Adventure gives you an exclusive tour through the food prep and filtration areas.

You will have a fish identification discussion and be able to assist staff in feeding the fish. You and up to 3 guests will need to reserve your tour prior to arrival. Shark Dive Cleveland allows certified SCUBA divers to swim inside the 230,000 gallon take with the sharks and other aquatic life. You will have a tour of the dive platform, fish identification class and have the opportunity to scuba dive in Cleveland year round. You will need to book and pay for your reservation 2 weeks prior and present SCUBA certifications prior to diving. Stingray Art Experience You can have an exclusive painting session with the stingrays.

In addition to having a tour of the food prep area, you will also have the chance to feed the stingrays after painting your canvas. You need to make your reservation and alert the staff of any seafodd allergies. Zzzz’s in the Seas Overnight For youth groups, you can plan an educational and fun sleepover with the Greater Cleveland Aquarium. Some if the features include SCUBA diver presentation, animal encounter, scavenger hunt, a guided tour, a light evening snack and Continental Breakfast the next morning. To reserve, your needs to be 20 or more with a maximum of 60. Youth Group, School Field Trips and Summer Programs If you have a youth group such as scouts, church group or summer daycamp, the Aquarium can assist you in creating a sound program for your children. The Aquatic Trek will take your group on a fascinating journey through the Aquarium’s many attractions like the Seatube, the stingrays and the African tortoises.

Schools from all over the Greater Cleveland Area and beyond have held field trips to the Aquarium for many years. There are programs for students of all ages from Kindergarten through College Level. If you want to give your child a unique summer camp experience the Aquarium can accomodate you. There are several week-long summer camp programs to choose from that are age appropriate. Even if you homeschool your children, the Aquarium has programming on select Wednesdays to partake in. For all of these programs you have to make reservations and contact the Aquarium for more information and pricing. Splash Fund The Splash Fund helps educate others on aquatic life and supports conservation efforts. Some of the activities that the Splash Fund support include 6 beach cleanups at Edgewater Beach, partnerships with The Cleveland Metropolitan School District to install aquariums in 4th grade classrooms and free admission to aquarium to schools who cannot afford to send their students. Summary The Greater Cleveland Aquarium serves multiple audiences year round. Its exhibits and galleries are very entertaining and informative. You can support The Aquarium by purchasing an annual membership. By doing so, you will be helping a true stakeholder in the Greater Cleveland community.


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