Heather Mills hasn’t been in the headlines as much in the past year and a half as she was during her and Paul McCartney’s divorce hearings. We can assure you that she is as crazy now as she was then. Having come out of the marriage to the former Beatle millions of pounds richer, Mills decided to open up a vegan restaurant – VBites. She now thinks that it will be bigger than McDonalds in ten years.

Mills, 42, opened the vegan restaurant in Hove, Sussex, in 2009. It is currently closed for the winter, but she admits that she is set to make a “big announcement next year about VBites.”

Speaking with reporters in England, Mills said:

“In 10 years there will be more VBites restaurants than McDonald’s. It’s the future. We’ve been using the time when the cafe has closed for brainstorming. VBites has been phenomenally successful this year. Everyone loves the food, even carnivores. Plans for it to become a franchise are very much on.”

It might be a success, but bigger than McDonalds? That’s a crazy woman talking. McDonalds would start up their own vegan line if Mills venture even came close to showing up on their radar.


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