First Lindsay Lohan was photographed ringing in the new year by falling off the wagon and back into her partying ways. And now, an Italian drummer has come forth to News of the World claiming that Lindsay not only took him to bed, but also two other guys during just 24 hours at the Capri Film Festival. What a way to kick off the new year!

Alessandro diNunzio, 27, claims that Lindsay, 21, threw herself at him at a bar at the festival, then invited him to a gala dinner and demanded that he kiss her. After that, he says that she led him back to her hotel room, and less than six hours after meeting she treated him to a night of lust.

He grinned: “Lindsay was very, very good and surprisingly experienced. She wanted to do everything, every position. She was extremely flexible and adventurous.”

But Alessandro’s grin was quickly wiped away when he found out that he was not her only lover on the brief trip. Linday, it has been claimed, had a total of three conquests during her day on the Italian island.

“I was hurt and sad when I found out about the other guys. I think that’s the way things are with Lindsay. But she was very sweet and loving in bed. It was a good sex match,” said Alessandro.

Alessandro also claims that although Lindsay had very publicly attended rehab just months ago, and was thought to have kicked her chemical dependence, she was downing alcohol-vodka cranberry and vodka sodas all evening.

While in Italy, Lohan was also caught making out with Italian actor Eduardo Costa at her hotel just a few hours before taking Alessandro to bed. And then soon after he left her bed, she was spotted kissing local thespian Dario Faiella, son of music legend Peppino di Capri, and spent two nights with him.

Alessandro said, “I don’t think I will see her again now that I have learned that she was seeing other guys at the same time as she was seeing me. But I’m going to watch all of her films—even though really I’d prefer to see her again in real life.”


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