In Cleveland, it can be a bit challenging to find a great BBQ place. There are not that many of them in comparison to other places like steakhouses, Italian spots or bar food joints. Chef Michael Symon’s Mabel’s is known as one of the best (and only) BBQ joints in the city. The best part? The menu is completely based on Cleveland and it resides in one the cities busiest blocks on the bustling East 4th streets, some of Mabel’s neighbors include: The Butcher and The Brewer, House of Blues, Corner Alley and many others.

Not only is the type of food that is served what sets it apart from these neighbors, it is also the interior. It’s no secret that East 4th business have really cool interiors due to the age of the buildings. Mabel’s takes that to the next level. It is a very large space that has two floors that features what feels like a mile long bar and tables to match. They also have an open patio space in front of the restaurant like most of the East 4th spots do.

They are open for both lunch and dinner every day so you can get your BBQ fix with ease. The menu features all kinds of traditional BBQ favorites and an extensive drink menu. Some local favorites include, Polish Girl sandwich (choice of Kielbasa, Chopped Pork & Coleslaw on a Roll), Ribs, Pig Ears and under the “This is Cleveland” portion of the menu, Classic Kielbasa & Spare Ribs (with Spicy Porky Cabbage). For drinks, there are so many Bourbon choices it can be hard to decide. Michael Symon’s chooses Knob Creek 12 year 11 month as his pick.


The rustic atmosphere at Mabel’s is perfect for a BBQ restaurant and makes your feel like you have traveled to the past without even leaving your seat. It’s a great place for a meal or just a quick stop for a drink. Most BBQ places are all about the food, but Mabel’s really puts a big focus on their drink menu as well, especially the bourbon!

This is the perfect place for a hearty meal that you will be thinking about all day since it is something that is so different and original. A great choice when you’re looking to try something new, even if you have been to Mabel’s before. There is always something new to try both in food and in drink!

Even if you are not an adventurous eater or you are bar hopping around the East 4th area, make sure you stop in to Mabel’s for a great time with everyone you are with and all those you might meet!

Stop in at the downtown location at 2050 East 4th St, Cleveland, OH 44115. Call the restaurant at: (216) 417-8823 or visit their website.


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