There is a lot of controversy around the medicinal use of marijuana (which many states and federal government consider a drug). The anti-anxiety meds have started being connected to marijuana compounds. There is increasing evidence to support at least some of the claims and this is why it is important to assess what we know and what we need to learn about the use of marijuana for anxiety.

One recent study is focusing on the effects of marijuana on cortisol levels. The study used a group of marijuana users and a group of non-users to assess the results. The results aimed to measure the results of acute stress on the salivary cortisol levels. The results thus come with a blunted experience for the group of marijuana users.

But can this be really the case for most anxiety sufferers? And is it really enough to establish a medication replacement alternative? These answers will need further investigation and the study also suggests further research on the topic. What we know so far is that we have some data on the effects of medication on anxiety. And the big debate here comes with the natural alternative marijuana provides. On the other hand, there are also other natural possibilities to reduce stress levels. Most of them involve sports, balanced nutrition, and improved resting. This is why the natural argument cannot fully stand against the medication which comes with anxiety. On the other hand, there are many cases where the medication created dependence on the long term. It remains to be researched if this is the case with marijuana use as well.

These effects have not been studied with long-term use and this is why it is important to find the best solutions for your anxiety at the moment. In the future, it might be the case that some marijuana compounds could actually replace some anxiety medication or it could be used at a large scale together with medication. The blunt effect of the study is, however, to be investigated on how it affects other essential areas of the mind such as focus. It will be this important to continue the research with further investigation and people will have to start using marijuana only under medical supervision and in the states where it is allowed.

Replacing medication for anxiety is no different to replacing medication for other health conditions. In history, this has been tried multiple times for multiple conditions. While it can bring the results you expect, it can also be not matured enough as a treatment. What quantities are better and for what age group? Should mend consume more than women? What effect does it have on other variables such as focus or appetite? These questions will need solid answers in the future from the scientific community. At this stage, it is still early to predict the final outcome of the investigation on the use of marijuana for anxiety issues. The good news is that the foundation for the research has been already laid and scientists will need to further investigate the larger implication of this alternative for anxiety medication.




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