Have you ever been to a large factory where various types of materials are cut in different shapes and sizes by large saws? If you walk into a wood factory or any other similar factory, you will notice that large saws are used to cut wood into different shapes and sizes. These saws are known as miter saws and these are usually immovable and cannot be taken from one place to another very easily. Milwaukee Tool, one of the major manufacturers of such factory tools, has recently introduced a cordless M18 miter saw. This saw weighs 28 pounds and runs on a battery. It is specially designed for professionals, who need to carry such saws around with them, especially while visiting a job site.

Milwaukee Tool happens to be a Brookfield, Wisconsin based subsidiary of Techtronic Industries Co. Ltd. It provides a wide range of heavy-duty and professional tools, along with other accessories. The manufacturer is also the leader in Lithium-ion technology and has various other useful innovative and time-saving hand tools other than the M18, which include M12 and M28.

The M18 miter saw has 3 distinct features, which include Redlithium battery pack, Redlink Plus intelligence software and hardware, and Powerstate brushless motor. According to Milwaukee Tool, the M18 is the most powerful cordless 18V tool in its category. This saw has the capacity to perform some of the most difficult tasks with ease. These include a 3-1/2 inch vertical capacity, especially for cutting base up against the fence, 3-5/8 inch crown nested for cutting the crown molding in position, and 2/8 horizontal capacity.

According to the manufacturer, the M18 is the only 7-1/4 inch solution in its category. It also has the ability to bevel both right and left with a maximum angle of 48 degrees. There are 11 detent stops in the detent plate of this saw, along with a detent override which allows users to lock the saw in place especially while cutting at difficult or uncommon angles. This detent plate is also adjustable. The M18 can easily be used with the Milwaukee Tool’s miter saw stand, which has a shadow line indicator and a LED directing light on both sides of the detent blade. This makes cutting at difficult angles very simple.

The motor used in the M18 delivers 5,000 RPM and when used with Milwaukee Tool’s M18 Redlithium XC 5.0 battery pack, it can easily complete 600 cuts in 3-1/4 inches base board and up to a maximum of 300 cuts in 2/4 on one charge. The best part about the M18 miter saw is that it is compatible with the entire range of M18 tools.

The Milwaukee Tool M18 miter saw can easily be purchased at any hardware store or even on the online shopping site of the manufacturer. You will find several other useful and detailed information about it on their website, which will help you understand the product better and also determine whether it is suitable for your type of work or not.

Source: MiterSawBuzz – The Compound Miter Saw Experts


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