Once a liar, always a liar? John Edwards, who was proven to be a liar by the National Enquirer who exposed his affair with former staffer Rielle Hunter, has been outed yet again by the magazine. This time the Enquirer is calling him on his claims that the affair ended in 2006, saying that he secretly rekindled their affair after confessing to his wife Elizabeth.

During the now infamous interview with ABC last Friday, Edwards said his brief romantic relationship with Hunter began after she was hired in July 2006, and ended that year. He said he then confessed to his wife.

But according to a new report from the National Enquirer today, Edwards restarted the affair after admitting it to his wife, and that Hunter became pregnant shortly thereafter.

Meanwhile, Hunter’s sister, Roxanne Druck, said Tuesday that the 6-month-old child unmistakably “looks like John Edwards. She’s got his eyes and jaw line and lips.” She told Entertainment Tonight:

“The most shocking thing was watching him on TV [last week]giving these half truths, these half-baked answers. I wish for everyone involved that he’d have come clean.”

The National Enquirer is now reporting that despite his claims to the contrary, Edwards knows that he is the father of Frances Quinn. They also claim that sources have told them that Edwards orchestrated her refusal of a paternity test. Hunter is supposedly protecting him, believing that one day they will be together.

The National Enquirer also says that Edwards lied to ABC when he said he did not know that a former national finance chairman, Fred Baron, was sending Hunter $15,000 a month to keep quiet. Baron is also reportedly paying $20,000 a month to Andrew Young, the former Edwards campaign official (who also happens to be married with children) that claims to be Hunter’s baby’s true father.

The Enquirer says that Edwards has visited Hunter and the baby three times since March at the Beverly Hills Hilton. He was caught last month by Enquirer reporters.

Two days before his public admission of the affair on ABC, Edwards is said to have told Hunter to leave the country. She agreed, and hopped on a chartered Lear jet flight to a secret location. The trip cost $50,000 reports the paper.


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