New Poll: Socialism is Gaining Popularity in America

The U.S. government has been taking over a majority stake in banks and is dictating the running of the auto industry. Add that in with talks of a nationalized healthcare system, and it’s pretty clear that the United States is leaning ever-so-slightly more towards socialism.

A majority of Americans believe that capitalism is a better system than socialism, according to the Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey. When asked if capitalism or socialism is a better system 53% of Americans said capitalism was better, 20% said socialism, and 27% were unsure.

While the poll did not define either capitalism or socialism, the surveys findings do appear to reflect public concern about capitalism during recession.

The poll also found that adults over 40 strongly favored capitalism, with just 13% of this age group believing that socialism is the superior system. Meanwhile, adults under 30 are about evenly divided (37% capitalism, 33% socialism, 30% undecided).

Republicans believed capitalism is better than socialism by an 11 to 1 margin. Democrats were more closely divided- 39% preferred capitalism and 30% choose socialism. Investors favored capitalism by a 5 to 1 margin.

The poll of 1,000 adults nationwide was conducted on Monday and Tuesday of this week. It has a sampling error of +/- three percentage points.



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