As many of you know I will do anything to get that extra edge in my health and fitness regimen!  Yesterday’s update examined the Keto Diet vs. the Atkins Diet.  Today, I am proud to announce I have found a solid Red Tea Detox that will make you feel amazing!

I’ve followed the career of naturopath Liz Swann Miller since she launched the “Red Smoothie Detox Factor” regimen several years ago.  Intrigued by detoxing my body, I’ve been an avid follower and recently learned of her exciting new updates to the “Red Tea” way of detoxing the body.  This is my personal review.

What is the Red Tea Detox?

Upon watching the formal presentation video by Liz Swann Miller, you’ll see that the video is quite amazing.  Of course, any time someone is essentially selling you something, it’ll be played up quite a bit, but hey, I can’t fault people for executing their marketing plans to a science.  The takeaway is that this detox diet accelerates fat loss utilizing a very unique red tea recipe.

In the video, she tells you exactly how to go about making the tea.  Of course, you have to make it yourself, but for me, there was a sense of “hey I did it!” to the equation, which is always self-fulfilling.  You will also learn what you can eat, as well as foods to avoid while you are consuming the red tea detox drink.  Exercise is optional, and a routine is given that takes just 20-30 minutes per day.  I continued with my normal Orange Theory Fitness, Spinning, and Pilates classes – but that’s just my life – detox or no detox!

I found this to be a more mainstream diet that added the detox drink to maximize my efforts in the gym and eating clean. 

Watch the Presentation Here > Click here.

About the Creator – Lynn Swann Miller

As mentioned in the beginning of the red tea detox review, this is the brainchild of Lynn Swann Miller.  A Liz Swann Millernaturopath, she has a well versed background in the wellness arena, being publisher of many books, courses, and of course, she offers private coaching for those who are looking for more accountability.  I’ve found her teachings and theories to be very straight forward and forthcoming, which is probably why I kept tabs on her for so long and was excited when this new detox drink was released!

What Am I Exactly Reviewing

Many educators come up with theories and diet plans only to watch them get published on a blog or website for the whole world to see, and this basically takes money out of their pockets.  The Entrepreneurial types are moving to publishing these days, and in the case of this exact product, it’s available in an easy to read ebook download.

This ebook examines the diet and provides you with the principle data on why detoxifying works, and of course it gives all of the recipes for creating the tea as well as how to change it up.  You’ll also get the workout program as a bonus.  As a further bonus, you”l get another ebook “The 100 Great Tasting Green Smoothie Recipes” as well as a few others.  For me, I really purchased this for the Red Tea Detox program, but bonuses are always nice.

Delving Into the Red Tea Detox

My main objective here was to shed a few pounds and detoxify my body.  (Champagne is my one vice, weekend brunch with Mimosas keeps me sane!)

The detox program is straight forward, and it advises you to consume fruits, veggies, and liquids for a short time.  Any detox you look into will focus on these, not just this red tea program.

My goal with detoxing is to rid myself of all the poisons (aka champagne, the odd order of fried jalapeno poppers) from my body.  Every bad ingredient from fried food, chips, etc, etc – a detox is the way to totally eliminate those from my body, so again, that was my goal here – shedding pounds was a bonus.

–>  Learn More on Liz’ Website <–

Dieting, to me, should be a way of life.  Detoxing is a solid counterpart to a clean eating regimen.

Detox Diets for Losing Weight

Again, to clarify – I did this with detoxing as a primary objective and weight loss as a bonus.  I’m one to subscribe to the theory that the more clean fuel you provide your body with, the better it will run. It’s almost like a machine, if you will.  When you eliminate toxins from your body, the body will increase it’s metabolism and run more efficiently.

Think about it, how bad does it feel shortly after consuming food that is deemed bad for you? 

This book provides a clear explanation about why toxins are so poor for your system, and how they will essentially make your body run less efficient.

How the Detox Program Works – Step By Step

You are instructed to start with a cleanse period of three days.  (This is optional, and done with a tea.)

Phase 1:  Detoxify Your Gut

A five day period that cleanses your gut.  We all need this!  This stimulates weight loss at a rapid clip.  I’ll share my experience later down in this review.

Phase 2:  Intensity

This is very intense because your food intake is restricted drastically. However, it’s only for a very short time.  If I can get by, you can too.

Phase 3:  Healing the Liver

When we take in toxins, our liver is the one that suffers the most!  The poor liver has to suffer all this mayhem, so this part of the routine works on healing the liver.

Each phase comes with a plan showing you which foods you can eat, and what you can drink.  Of course, you are urged to drink lots of the red tea!

Benefits of Drinking Red Tea

We’ve all heard of green tea and it’s many benefits, so why is Red Tea the red-headed step child?  (Pun intended, that was way too easy.)

While the recipe is something you’ll find in the book, and I can’t reveal all of it because I respect what the author is doing here to make some honest money as well as help people, the ingredients will open your eyes. That, I guarantee you.  You’ll be able to source them at your local health food store.

You can make the tea in about 30 minutes and once that’s done, you are going to drink s6 cups daily.  I read some other blogs and ended up making double batches just to save time on preparing the tea.

So, let’s get into the exact Red Tea benefits…..

  • Promotes digestion
  • Makes you feel less hungry
  • Ingredients are shown to spike metabolism

Backed by science, there are many publications that support all of these claims.

Now, let’s get into the pro’s and con’s of this regimen:

Pro’s of this Detox

  • Cutting edge, unique, and backed by science
  • Your eating program can easily be tailored to this
  • Cost effective
  • Full explanations about why this works
  • Author has a serious track record in this space

Con’s of the Detox

  • If you want audio format, you have to pay more.  (I didn’t.)
  • Some claims are questioned on blogs and medical sites.  (Then again, what isn’t?  Some studies show alcohol to be good for you.  Go figure.)
  • Many of the points are repeated.  Maybe this is good, but I found it repetitive.

My Final Thoughts and Review

I went in with an appreciation for the author and creator of the product.   I’m also a health nut, and always try things that are backed by science.  I have relatively low body fat and very little bloat (except after a weekend) so I didn’t expect to lose any weight.

However – after trudging through the difficulties of making adjustments to my food consumption for a few days, I had a breakthrough.  I felt better, had a bit more energy, and even lost 3 pounds.  That may not sound like much, but the overall stamina I had after doing this made me feel so much better that I’ve carried that momentum with me post-detox.

Everything that was said in the book, was true. 

I’m happier for doing it, and will definitely be repeating this on about a bi-monthly basis.  I’ve now incorporated the teas as a supplement into my regimen.  That is, after a weekend of consuming too much fried food or booze, I know that I can get right back on track following this easy system.

If you are looking for something that works, visit this link and order now.

Becca Shaeffer


Becca Shaeffer is our resident health nut. An Ohio native, she loathes for the day she can quit her day job and move to somewhere warmer. When she's not at the gym, she's either hacking her way through skin treatments or thinking about her favorite cheat meal - thin crust pizza with anchovies and jalapenos.


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Becca Shaeffer

Becca Shaeffer is our resident health nut. An Ohio native, she loathes for the day she can quit her day job and move to somewhere warmer. When she's not at the gym, she's either hacking her way through skin treatments or thinking about her favorite cheat meal - thin crust pizza with anchovies and jalapenos.

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