Robyn Gibson May Get Biggest Celebrity Divorce Settlement EVER

When news of Mel Gibson’s pending divorce with wife Robyn was revealed Monday, the actor’s net worth was estimated to be around $900 million. However, People Magazine is now reporting that it’s “close to $1 billion.” Mel and Robyn, both 53, have been married for 28 years and had no prenuptial agreement in place when they got married.

The couple live in California, which is a community property state. This means that in cases of divorce they tend to split property and assets right down the middle when a settlement cannot be reached. So if this is the case, Robyn may get in the range of $400 to $500.

Los Angeles family attorney Lynn Soodik, who is not involved with the case said:

“This could easily be one of the biggest divorce settlements in Hollywood history. Any attorney would advise her to take half.”

Recent big pay-out divorce settlements would pale in comparison to a $500 million settlement. The current top divorcd settlements include:

– Michael Jordan paid $168 million after his 2006 divorce with Juanita
– Neil Diamond handed over $150 million after his 1994 split with Marcia Murphey
– Steven Spielberg ponied up $100 million during his 1989 divorce from Amy Irving

Gibson’s estimated assets include:

– More than $600 million grossed from “The Passion of the Christ”
– $100 million + in real estate investments worldwide
– $75 million for film and TV projects he executive produces

Soodick also said that regarding film residuals, Gibson “would be accountable to pay half for the rest of his days. If he gets a residual check for Lethal Weapon or Braveheart, half of that check is hers.”

Most aren’t, however, expecting a long, messy divorce. There’s plenty of money to go around for everyone.


Robyn Gibson May Get Biggest Celebrity Divorce Settlement EVER
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