In the good old days, there was a time when you would find people cycling away for long hours in the neighborhood. According to health experts and fitness enthusiasts, cycling is a great form of exercise and can help you remain fit and healthy for a long time. Cycling is also good for your heart and helps boost your stamina levels. However, in this modern era, people seldom get enough time to exercise in order to stay fit. People are always busy with their work life and their health takes a back seat. In such situations, the best solution is to buy an exercise bike to cycle at home or in your office cabin in-between work.

Types of Exercise Bikes

When you talk about exercise bikes, there are basically 2 types of such bikes. These are upright exercise bikes and recumbent bikes. Although there are various manufacturers of exercise bikes in the market, the types of such bikes are limited to these two. Exercise bikes come with various features and price tags. If you are a first timer, then it is naturally recommended to opt for a bike which comes with just the necessary features. However, for professionals, an exercise bike with tons of features will be a better option.

Differences between a Spin Bike and a Recumbent Bike

When you take a closer look at both the spin bike and recumbent bike, you will find certain differences. Some of the primary differences have been discussed below.

  1. Flywheel: The first point of difference between a recumbent bike and an upright bike is the flywheel. The latter usually come with a bigger and heavier flywheel, which may weigh up to a maximum of 40 pounds. A heavier flywheel means more effort and energy get used in making it move. This proves that an upright bike can help you burn more calories than a recumbent bike within the same time spent on both. However, it is also true that first timers may find heavier flywheels more difficult to use than a recumbent bike.
  2. Riding Positions: There is also a difference in the riding positions of a recumbent bike and an upright exercise bike. The latter can allow a user to train either on or off the saddle. It has also been proved that if you cycle in a standing position, you can easily burn more calories in your body. This position also engages more muscles while cycling. On the other hand, recumbent bikes are aptly suited for those of you who are looking for a more comfortable cycling experience. The seats of such bikes are ergonomically designed and are especially useful if you have a joint problem.

If you decide to buy an exercise bike for your personal use at home, better take some time and think about which type to choose. If you are suffering from any type of joint aches or have just returned from a major surgery, then using a recumbent bike will be a good idea. However, professionals will usually opt for an upright bike.


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