A new study by the University of Bristol found that vegetarianism may be linked to depression. There are a few characteristics which led to this data and many people believe it is not worth to become vegetarian as a result. In reality, the discussion is much more complex. You will have to balance a vegetarian approach from a balanced perspective and this is where most people fail and thus the partial intriguing results.

Can vegetarianism trigger depression?

Data suggests that depression can be linked to the low intake of Omega 3, B Vitamins, folate, iron and zinc. All of these have been included in studies on depression and combined with the high intake of Omega 6, they could be responsible for symptoms of depression.

But can this really be the cause and what are the particularities of the study? The research was done on a small group of males and this is why the study is disputed by some people. But in truth, it may even be the case that the males were already suffering from symptoms of depression and this is why you`ll need to take a more complex approach to vegetarianism if you are worried about depression.

It is often the case that estrogen levels can be increased with certain soy products. And this is where the discussion gets really complex and improbable to follow for each individual. Modified soy products are parts of many ready-made meals and they are present especially in developed countries. And on the other hand, there are studies which show that soy does not affect the estrogen levels in the human body. This is why you`ll need to take a complex approach to all types food sources as it may be even down to the individual ingredients to see if they may be particularly linked to depression instead of judging vegetarianism as a whole.

Then there is the discussion of pre-existing depression which may trigger the idea of changing the diet in hopes to fight the condition. This may also be the case and it may just be the situation of many people with depression which is still not fully understood. While there are physical characteristics which can influence depression such as a low intake of balanced nutrients, there might also be mental or emotional triggers which are much harder to quantify from a mathematical perspective.

Will you be depressed if you go on a vegetarian diet? It is highly unlikely that the diet alone can trigger depression only if you have a balanced diet and you study nutrition before switching your food sources. This being said, there are many vegetarians around the world who follow a balanced diet for years and they do not suffer from depression so it may even be an individual approach that will give you the right answer. In truth, you`ll need to balance proper healthy food sources and you can even check your body`s composition with regular visits to the doctor to get exact results and to have a better perspective if you can be one of the cases from the study.




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